"The House Is Working on Approving Various International and Continental Agreements to Ensure the Universal Benefits of the Women" His Honorable Tadele Buraka (PhD)
(Parliamentary News), April 25, 2024; The Deputy Chairman of Health, Social, Culture and Sport Affairs Standing Committee his Honorable Tadele Buraka (PhD) said that the House of FDRE is working on approving various international and continental agreements to ensure the universal benefit of the women.

This was said when the House's Health, Social, Culture and Sport affairs Standing Committee held a discussion with various government officials from South Sudan on women's social activities, political participation and economic benefits in Ethiopia, as well as the House's powers and duties.

The Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee his Honorable Mr. Tadele Burka who chaired the forum added that Ethiopia is working to ensure the benefits of women in all sectors by accepting and approving various international and continental agreements and those various works are being done in terms of development. 

During the discussion, the chairman of the Women's caucus in the House, her honorable Kimia Jundi, said that the parliamentary women's capacity is being built through various training and assistance to have knowledge-based law making, control and monitoring roles in the House. She explained to the group that the House is working to enable them to do the work of public representation works and parliamentary diplomacy to ensure the benefits of women in all sectors. 

As the chairperson said that by strengthening women's skills and capabilities, many changes have been achieved and House these concrete changes have been shown. She also expressed Ethiopia's pleasure for sharing Ethiopia's the experience to neighboring countries. 

The Deputy Chairman of Foreign Relations and Peace Affairs Standing Committee, his Honorable Mr. Fatih Mahdi (PhD), explained that the citizens of South Sudan are studying in higher educational institutions in Ethiopia and he added that by increasing this relationship further, this bilateral relationship should focus on infrastructure construction, public relations and trade between the two countries. 

The South Sudan Press Secretary Director, H.E Esther Fikre said that Ethiopia's implementation of women's political and economic leadership is considered as a good example for South Sudan. 

At the forum, various government officials from South Sudan raised questions and comments about the powers and functions of the caucus and those questions were discussed and answered by the leaders of the House and members of the caucus.

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