(Parliament News) November 24/2023; Addis Ababa; Acting President Honorable Dr. Asheber W/Giorgis urged that all member countries should work closely and cooperate in order to strengthen the Pan-African Parliament.

The joint meeting of Pan-African parliamentarians and standing committees, which was held in Addis Ababa, Bujumbura and Midrand for the past five days, ended today.

Dr. Ashebhar said in his closing speech that the Pan African Parliament is where Africans discuss their common problems and come up with solutions.

The joint meeting had extensive discussions on Irregular migration, Unconstitutional change of government, parliamentary diplomacy and PAP 2023 strategic plan.

It was stated in the discussion that the formation of an illegal government, including a military coup, remains a threat to democracy, peace, security and development in African countries.

Recommendations are made to encourage peaceful political transitions, establish constitutionalism and promote democracy on the African continent.

Research articles explaining the worsening of Irregular migration in Africa were presented and discussed at the conference. In the past, the Pan African Parliament's recommendations to address the problem have been put into practice.

It is one of the suggestions presented by the conference that the Pan African Parliament should play an important role in the diplomatic work of the Parliament by participating with the relevant partners in continental and international issues.

Finally, the Acting President thanked the members of the Pan-African Parliament who participated in the joint meeting held for the past five days, as well as the governments of Ethiopia, South Africa and Burundi who contributed to the success of the conference.

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