Kemal Hashi Muhammed

Hon Ato. Kemal Hashi Mohamoud


Honorable Kemal Hashi Mohamoud is one of the energetic, young and promising politicians of the nation - Ethiopia. He's an incumbent Parliament Member of the ongoing 6th term of the House of Peoples' Representatives of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, with extended responsibilities to carry on. Well, as it can be recalled from the traces of his contributions during his interactions with the society; his innate interest for societal justice, full-scale peace, holistic development along with his own compassionate personality traits should have been the impetus for his political career. Yet, his professional engagements and leadership experiences in the areas of media, corporate communications, International relations, academia, entrepreneurship and voluntary services also are believed to have paved the way for his active tenure in the Ethiopian Parliament.  Regarding the voluntary services, which Honorable Kemal Hashi can be largely attributed to, he in-general served in most voluntary aspects and even played the leading role in initiating and executing voluntary services. One can witness these from his high school to the university life, with all the works on the ground, explicitly. Among them, his stretches in the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia, Student Associations and Student Clubs stand taller. Moreover, Honorable Kemal's entrepreneurship experiences which comprise education and development communication sectors, can't be regarded as less yielding, obviously. In addition to the aforementioned endeavors of the person-in-discussion, his experience of lecturing media and communication studies at Jigjiga University brought him and helped him posses a wider spectre on what the society is accustomed to. On a detailed level, yes; Honorable Kemal took professional and leadership roles in FM Radio Service of Jigjiga, SRTV, EBC and The Fortune Newspaper. He also served as Senior Advisor of the President with the level of Executive Director, Director of International Relations and Partnership Directorate and Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing Directorate at Jigjiga University, besides his academic indulge. Honorable Kemal, in addition, served as a Senior Social Behavior Change Communications and Marketing Specialist in civil society organisations including USAID projects, which were cross regional.  With academic level of MA degree, Honorable Kemal is endowed with academic knowledge in Media, Communications, Law and Psychology disciplines. His exposure to national and international conferences and experiences, including his participation in the International Visitor Leadership Program(IVLP) of USA by representing Ethiopia, opened paths for his interactions in the dynamics of the contemporary global phenomena. Currently, as was mentioned earlier, Honorable Kemal Hashi Mohamoud is now an MP of the 6th term of the House of Peoples' Representatives of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Pursuant to his contributions, he was elected by the House to be a member of the House's Advisory Committee, in which he's doing his best. Furthermore, Since the launching of the new House in October 2021, he has been serving in Ad hoc Committees of the House, established to meet the interests of the House and the country at large. 

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