Honorable Dr. Kairedin Tezera Adera is a renowned academician who has spent most of his professional career  in studying the socio-cultural fabrics of Ethiopian societies specially on southern Ethiopian people.  An Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Kairedin has received his PhD degree in Social Anthropology from Bayreuth International  Graduate School of  African Studies (BIGSAS), Bayreuth University, Germany, and MA degree in Social Anthropology from Addis Ababa University. He has done extensive fieldwork for more than seventeen years in southern Ethiopia on the history, cultures , customary dispute resolutions of Siltie and Gurage peoples. His research themes focus on ethnicity, legal pluralism, local governance systems, and indigenous peace building mechanisms, women’s rights in plural Legal setting and Social Mobility. He has authored three books on Siltie History, and Culture, local governance system in 2012, 2013, 2018. His recent publication (August 2020) looks into legal pluralism and an emerging legal hybridity among the Siltie of Southern Ethiopia. His widely sold book which has been published in 2018 deals also on Dynamics of Legal Pluralism and an Emerging Legal Hybridism: the Duality of Cooperation and Contestation among the Customary, State and Religious Dispute Resolutions among the Siltie people. He has also published articles on the roles of religious institutions for peace building in 2018. His research area covers also  Benishangul Gumuz regional state investigating on countering Violent extremism in Ethiopia a focus on Benishangul regional state (Inter-African Group, April 2020). He is now the member of the House of People’s Representative of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia representing the capital city Addis Ababa Kolfe Keraniyo Sub city electoral constituency 24. Hon. Dr. Kairedin is currently serving as  Deputy Chairperson of Human Resource Development, Placement and Technology Affairs Standing Committee in the House of People's Representatives of Ethiopia.

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