The House Assesses As Ethiopia Has Recorded a Good Micro-Economic Performance


(Parliamentary News), March 17, 2024; The House of FDRE assessed that Ethiopia has recorded a good performance in micro economy.

The House has reviewed that the implementation of the government sectors plan has a better performance and it has been pointed out that which has an important role for continuing  monitoring and control work of the House.

H.E Mrs. Fitsum Assefa, the Minister of Planning and Development, presented the government's 2024 six-months plan of  the major sectors to the House and stated that the implementation of the plan has been recorded well and shecurged that reforms related to taxes should be approved and implemented to increase the government's income in order to generate income from the general economy, and for this, the House should play its part.

As she said, Ethiopia has achieved a better performance in the fields of micro economy, social development, administration, peace and justice in the last six months.

She also stated that it is necessary to "invest" in technology by identifying assets.

In relation to the House, his  Honorable Mr. Tesfaye Beljge, the government's chief whip minister,said that the implementation of the government's 2016 six-months plan for the main sectors will be presented to the members of the House and the presentation will help them to monitor and manage the institutions effectively.

The minister, who stated that the government has started reforms in all sectors, said that the country's micro economy is performing well and pointed out that it is expected that the country's economy will grow by 7.9% in the fiscal year. He also explained that the country's gross domestic product (GDP) has doubled in the last 4 to 5 years.

He also emphasized that every member of the House should strengthen the support and monitoring work in the field in which one is engaged to make the works started to improve the cost of living effective.

On the other hand, he explained that the need to modernize the system by fighting corrupt practices and controlling wastage of resources,the Minister emphasized that work should be done to ensure accountability by taking actions.