null Parliamentary Unions and Friendship Group

Establishment of Friendship Group

1/ The House may establish friendship groups that communicate with counterpart friendship groups of parliaments of various countries.

2/ Each friendship group shall have from nine to eleven members, including the chairperson and the deputy chairperson, who shall be elected by the House.

3/ Every friendship group shall be accountable to the Foreign Affairs Standing Committee.

4/ Notwithstanding the provision of this Article, the House may organize friendship groups continentally, sub-continentally or at regional level, according to the circumstances.

Duties and Responsibilities of Friendship Groups

Friendship groups shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

1/ to make efforts to create strong friendship and good relationship between the peoples’ of the countries;

2/ to co-operate, sharing experience and strengthen friendship between the counterpart parliaments;

3/ to build country image;

4/ to have awareness concerning the political, economic and social condition of the other country;

5/ to follow up, and sufficiently awarded of the current economic, social and political relationship between Ethiopia and the other country;

6/ to perform such other related activities.

Working Mechanism of Friendship Group

1/ Every friendship group shall collect country profile and important documents pertaining to the country with which it has established friendship group, and use these materials as resource.

2/ Every friendship group shall conduct its work according to plan and shall evaluate its work from time to time.

3/ A friendship group may, exchange gifts, where necessary, undertake studies, participate at various sitting either at home or abroad, and set up workshops.

4/ Every friendship group shall keep its documents properly and record its work by minutes.

5/ Each friendship group shall present its plan and report to the Foreign Affairs Standing Committee.

6/ Any friendship group may prepare rules of procedure concerning its work.

7/ The provisions of this Regulation regarding the code of conduct prescribed for committee members shall also apply to members of friendship groups, as necessary.