Title Subject Author Publisher Call No
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The canadian constitution LAW Minister of supply and service canada/1981 342
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Text Book of Marxist Philosophy philosophy M. Shirokov 1937 146.3
Text Book of Economic Ecology Natural Science Worash Getaneh 553
Text Book Of Biophysics with Principles of Bi physical Measurements Natural Science Gelana Amente 571.4
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Terrorism in Ethiopia and The Horn of Africa Threat,Impact and Response social science Woldeselase Woldemichael Woldeselase Woldemichael 303.63
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Ten Years: Of The Ethiopian Revolution History & Geography 963.06
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Teh modes of modern writing, metaphor, metonymy, and the typology of modern literature Literatures Lodge, David London, Edward Arnold, 1977 808.066
Teh Ethio-Somalia frontier problem social science 327.1101
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Technology and International Affairs social science 1981 303.483
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Teach Yourself Windows 95 in 24 hours information Greg Perry 1995 oo5.432
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Tarikh: government in pre-colonial Africa history and geograhpy London, Longman group Ltd., /1973 960
Tarikh: African leadership and European domination history and geograhpy U.K., Longman group Ltd.,/1966 960
Tanzania treaty practice LAW E.Seaton Oxford university press.1973 341
Taming commodity markets: the integrated fund in UNCTAD history and geography Corea, Gamani New Delhi, Vista publications, 1992 351.82
Taming commodity markets: the integrated fund in UNCTAD history and geography Corea, Gamani New Delhi, Vista publications, 1992 351.82
Talks on American law history and geography Ed;Harold J.Berman Vintage books 349.73
Talking about the future Economics A.Arbatov Progress publisher/1989 338.2
Taking Politics(and Being Understood) Management Techniques for local government Politicians political science Carls Schuite 1996 322.4
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Systematic Biblography and Documentation information A.K.Ohdedar 1975 o10.44
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Swiss Democracy Possible Solutions to Conflict in Muticultural Societies political science 1994 320.9491
SWEETER THAN HONEY: Testimonies of Tigrayan Womens Lirerature Kiros Gebru 892.81
Sweet Freedom political science Anne Coote 1982 323.44
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Supplying repression Economics Michael T.Klare The institute for policy studies/1981 338.9
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successuful communication and effective speaking Generality milared benett 001.51433
Succession In the South Information 1988 o50
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Successful Interviewing psychology Marion Sitzmann 1981 158
Successful Communications and Effective Speaking information Millard Bennett oo1.51
Success in Politics: a Comparative Study for As and A2 Political science Neil McNaughton 1996 320
Subject Object Cogntion Philosophy Lektorsky 1980 121
style and structure in Shakespeare Literatures Wells, Henry, W. New Dlhi, Vikas publishing house, 1979 822.33
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Study guide to accompany statistics for business and Economics history and geography Reiland, Susan, L Sanfrancisco, Dellen publishing company, 1988 519.5
Study Guide Psychology Psychology John Jonides 1986 150.46
Study Guide Psychology psychology John Jonides 1986 150.46
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Structure of Thinking phycologists Karl Mannheim 1982 306
Structural adjustment in Africa Economics Macmillan press/1989 330.96
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Strike a blow and die, the classic story of the Chilembwe rising History & Geography Mwase, George, Simeon Ed: Rotberg, Robert, I. London, Heinemann, 1970 896.39
Strike a blow and die, the classic story of the Chilembwe rising History and Geography Mwase, George, Simeon Ed: Rotberg, Robert, I. London, Heinemann, 1970 896.39
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Strategies for sustainability Africa economic Earthscan publication limited 1997 330.9
Strategies for sustainability Africa Eonomics Adrian Wood Earthscan publication limited\1997 330.9
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Strange Mysteries information GeetaLal Sahai 1996 oo1.9
Straight from the heart Literatures Ed: Verchenko, Y Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1977 808.092
Straight from the heart Literatures Ed: Verchenko, Y Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1977 808.092
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Stories History & Geography Dostoyevsky, Fyodor Moscow, Progress publishers 1975 891.7344
Storia Della Letteratura Ethiopia Lirerature Enrico Cerulli 892.809
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Stet! trick of the trade for writers and editors Literautures Ed: Boston, Buce, O. Alexanderia, Editorial experts inc, 1986 808.02
Stet! trick of the trade for writers and editors Literatures Ed: Boston, Buce, O. Alexanderia, Editorial experts inc, 1986 808.02
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Statistics for Social Research Statistics George Argyrous 1997 310.072
Statistical Pocket Book of The German Democratic Republic economic 1986 304.643
Statistical analysis for administrative decisions history and geography Clark Schkade South western publishing co 1983 531.12
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States,Nations,and Borders: The Ethics of Making Boundaries pschology 2003 172
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States vs. markets Economics Hermanm schina ryz Palgrare macmillan/2010 330.112
States vs. markets economics Hermanm schina ryz Palgrare macmillan /2010 330.112
States vs. markets Economics Hermanm schina ryz Palgrare macmillan \2010 330.112
States Versus Markets Political science Herman M.Schwartz 1994 327.111
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Starting economics economics G.F. Stanlake Long Man/1988 330
Starting economics Economics G.F. Stanlake Long Man\1988 330
Star wars, delusions and dangers history and geography Moscow, Military publishing house, 1985 363.3498
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Spring flight history and geography Louise Matteoni The economy company 1986 372.61
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Special Interest Groups in American Politics political scince Stephen Miller 1983 320.973
Speaking effectively, developing speaking skills for Business English history and geography New York, Cambridge university press, 1994 428
Speaking About Writing Reflection on Research Methodology sociology 1994 302.2244
Speak, memory: an autobiography revisited History and Geography Nabokov, Vladimir New York, Putnam, 1966 928.9171
Speak for england History and geography Melvyn Bragg Book club associates 1976 942
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Some recored of the peoples of southern Ethiopia and A short histiry of kambata Generality tesfsaye habisso hadidebo 001.432
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Some historic journeys in east Africa History & Geography London, Oxford university press/1961 916.704
Some facts on Ethiopia The struggle of the Ethiopia People social science 320.963
SOMALIA: The Problem Child of Africa History & Geography Mesfin Wolde-Mariam 967.73
SOMALIA The Problem Child of Africa social science Mesfin Wolde-Mariam 320.96773
SOMALIA Productive Sectors of the Economy social science 330.96773
Somalia Calling History & Geography Kinfe Abraham 967.009677
somalia history & geography Africa watch committee/1990 967.305
SociologyThemes and Perspectives psychology M.Haralambos 1980 301
Sociology of Postmodernism psychology Scott Lash 1990 301
Sociology in a Changing World psychology William Kornblum 2003 301
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Sociological Perspectives psychology 301
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Social Psychology Psychology Killa Amekob 155.93