Title Subject Author Publisher Call No
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Agrarian transformation's Republic for Bulgaria history and geography Penkov, Dimiter 1983 630.09498
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Agrarian Reform in Ethiopia social science Dessalegn Rahmato 330
Agrarian reform and grassroots development Economics Lynne rienner publishers/1990 333.31
Agrarian india between the world wars History & Geograhpy Rostislav Ulyanovsky Progress publishers /1985 954
aGlobalizing World? Culture,Economics, Politics psychology 2000 300
Agenda 21, the earth summit strategy to save our planet history and geography Ed: Sitarz, Daniel Colorado, Earth press, 1993 363.7
Agenda history and geography Michael Hammer Three rivers press 2001 658
Agency in private international law Law H.L.E.Verhagen Martinus nijhoff publishers/1995 340.929
Age generation and time history and geography Ed;P.T.W.Baxter Uri Almagor Hurst and co 1978 372
Against The Threat of Another World War Political science Boris Ponomarev 1983 327.172
Against The Mutilation of Women: The Struggle against unnecessary Suffering psychology Lilian Passmore Sanderson 1981 305.43
Africans on the land Economics Montague Yudelman Harvard university press/1964 330.9689
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African Womens Movement phychology Aili Mari Tripp 2009 305.42
African Womens Movement psychology Aili Mari Tripp 2009 305.42
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AFRICA; The Politics Of Independence And University history and geograhpy IMMANUEL WALLERSTEIN Nebraska /2005 960
AFRICA:Foreign Relations of the United States 1955-1957 Political science 1989 327.73
AFRICA: What Can Be Done? Political science Ben Turok 1987 325.6
AFRICA: What Can Be Done? Political science Ben Turok 1987 325.6
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Africa's Challenge to International Relations Theory Political science 2001 327.096
Africa's Challenge political science 2007 320.6096
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Africa the middle east and the new international economic order Economics Pergamon press/1980 338.6056
Africa the middle east and the new international economic order Economics Pergamon press/1980 337.6056
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Africa in Transformation social science 2000 303.4
Africa in Transformation social science 2000 303.4
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Afoola Oromoo Lirerature 808.2
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Affirmative action LAW J.Faundez Int.labour office/1995 342
Aesthetics and Politics Philosophy Ernst Bloch 1977 111.85
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Aesthetics Philosophy 1972 111.85
ADWA: Decolonization Pan-Africanism and The Struggle of the black People History & Geography Kinfe Abraham 960
Adwa day History & Geography 963.043
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Advances in applied business strategy history and geography Ed;Lawrence W.Foster Jai press inc 1991 650
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Advanced macroeconomics Economics David Romer Mcgraw-hill/2012 339
Advanced macroeconomics Economics David Romer Mcgraw-hill/1996 339
advanced finacial accounting history and geography Pr.Jain 1982 657.48
Advanced Educational psychology history and geography Chauhan, S, S Delhi, Vikas pub house, 1996 370.15
Advanced econometrics Economics Takeshi amemiye Harare burn press/1985 330.028
Advanced econometrics economics Takeshi amemiye Harare burn press/1985 330.028
Advanced econometrics Economics Takeshi amemiye Harare burn \1985 330.028
Advanced division, team accelerate dinstruction history and geography Ed: Slavin, Robert, E Massachusets, Mastery Education, 1986 372.72
Advanced business communication Technologies Penrose, John, M. Olio, South Western College Publishing/1997 658 .45
Advanced accountancy history and geography Maheshwari, S, N New Delhi, Vikas, 1994 657.046
Administrative reform in developing nation history and geography Ali Farazmand Praeger publisher 2002 352.29092
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Adjustment in Ethiopia, Lessons for the Road ahead social science Addis Ababa/1996 330.63
Adjustment in Africa Economics World bank/1994 330.96
Addis Ababa, a pocket guide to Ethiopia's capital city History & Geography 916.33
Actors with out make-up History & geography Filippov, Boris Moscow, Progress publishers, 1977 891.72
Active Technologies For Network and Service Management information 1999 oo4.6205
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Accounting information system history and geography Mark G.Simkin John wiley and sons inc 2013 657.4
Accounting for management, text and cases Technologies Bhattacharyya, S. K New Delhi, Vikas publishing house 658.1511
Accidents information Mast ram Kapoor 1992 oo1.9
Access to Health And Education Services In Ethiopia social science Fra Von Massow 362.963
Accenton science, teacher resource book 3 reproducible masters history and geography Ed; Adams, Donald, K Columbus, Charles E. Merill publishing company, 1985 372.35044
Accelerated development in sub-saharan africa Economics The world bank/1981 338.967
Academic encounters history and geography Bernard Seal Cambridge university press, 1997 428.24
Acadamic Freedom in Higher Education of Ethiopia social science Amare Asgedom 373.063
Acadamic Freedom in Ethiopia social science 371.104963
Abyssinians Technology Ruth Zimmermann 636.826
Abyssiniam stop press History & Geography London, Robert Hale and Company/1936 963.056
Abyssinia of today, an account of the first mission sent by the American government to the court of the king of kings(1903-1904) History & Geography Skinner, Robert, P History & Geography 916.304
Abyssinia of To-day History & Geography Robert P.Skinner 963.056
Abyssinia and Italy History & Geography Burns, Emile London, Victor Gollancz/1935 963.056
Abyssinia and It's People or Life in The Land of Prester John History & Geography John Camiden Hotten 963.03
Abortionlaw and politics today history Abortionlaw and politics today Ed;Ellie Lee 345.0285
Abai history & geography Mukhtar Auezov Foreign languages 1985 891.7
Abai History & Geography Mukhtar Auezov Progress publishes, 1975 891.7344
A Year In The Death of Africa social science Peter Gill 363.8363
A woman of cairo Literatures Barber, Noel London, Hoddr and Stoughton, 1984 823
A Voice for Human Rights political science Mary Robinson 2006 323
A Visit to Abyssinia, An account of travel in modern Ethiopia History & Geography Winstanley, W. Negro Universitsitives Press/1881 910.0963
A village called faithfulness History & geography Nguyen, Thi Hanoi, Foreign Languages publishing house 1976 895.922
A Thousand Acres: Winner of The Pulitzer Prize phycologists Jane Smiley 1992 305.552
A theory of technology, coninuty and change in Human Development history and geography Degregori, Thomas, R New Delhi, Affiliated East-West press, 1989 601
a Theory of Human Need psychology Len Doyal 1991 158.1
A theory of history History and Geography Heller, Agnes London, Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1982 907.2
A theory of economic growth Economics David de la croix Cambridge university press/2002 339
A text book of organic chemistry history and geography Tewarl, K, S New Delhi, Vikas publishing house, 1976 547
A text book of hydrology history and geography P.Jayarami Reddi Laxmi publication 2001 551.48
A Survey of the organizational Set-up and the Credit Needs of Cottage Industries in Southern Ethiopia social science Alemayehu daba 338.634
A survey History of world, Africa And Ethiopia History & Geography oo339 A survey Histiory of world, Africa And Ethiopia Tesfaye Zergaw History & Geography 909.6063 3 909.6063
A study of history History and Geography Toynbee, Arnold London, Thames and Hudson ltd., 1972 930.07
A sort hitory of Africa Oliver, Roland history and geograhpy armondsworth, Penguin Books,/1965 960 H
A sort hitory of Africa history and geograhpy Oliver, Roland Harmondsworth, Penguin Books,/1970 960
A social Historical Ethiopia History & Geography Richard Pankhurst 963.03
A simple lust, selected poems letters to Martha poems from Algiers thoughts abroad History and Geography Brutus, Dennis London, Heinemann, 1973 896.391
a Short Political Guide to The Arab World political science Peter Partner 1960 320.956
A short histroy of the Jewish people history and geograhpy Roth, Cecil London, East and west library,/1959 956.94
A Short history of the world volumes two History and Geography Ed: manfred, A.Z. Moscow, Progress publishers, 1974 909
A Short history of the world volumes one History and Geography Ed: manfred, A.Z Moscow, Progress publishers .1974 909
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A short history of the middle east: from the rise of Islam to modern times History& Geography Kirk, George, E London, Methuen,/1961 956
A short history of India History & Geography Moreland, W. H London, Longmans,/1957 954
A short history of geographical science in the Soviet Union History and Geography Ed: Gerasimov, Innokenty Moscow, Progress publishers, 1976 914.7
A short history of Chinese communism: completely updated History & Geograhpy Houn, Franklin, W New Jersey, Prentice Hall, Inc.,/1973 951.05
A short history of Bulgaria History &Geograhpy Todorov, Nikola Sofia press,/1975 949.77
A short history of Bulgaria History &Geograhpy Todorov, Nikolai Sofia, Sofia press, /1977 949.77
A selection of African poetry History & geography Burnt Mill, Longman, 1976 896
A search in secret Egypt history Brunton, Paul London, Ridr and comp./1969 962
A realist theory of science history and geography Bhaskar, Roy Sussex, Harvester press, 1978 501
A Publication Of The Tbamm Department of National Palaces Arts Kucuksu Pavilion 763
A profile history of the United States history & geography Ostrander, Gilman M. New York, McGraw-Hill /1964 973
A prisoner in the caucasus history & geography Lev Tolstoy Raduga publisher 1983 891.7
A preface to economic democracy Economics Robert A.Dahl Affiliated east west press/1985 338.6
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A pocketful of Canada Literature Ed: Robins, John, D. Toronto, Collins 1948 810.80971
A parliamentary affair Literature Currie, Edwin London, Hodder and Stoughton, 1994 823
A novel about the balkans History & geography Slavenka drakulic Penguin books 1999 891.82354
A northern childhood history & geography George Layton Longman publisher 1995 823