Title Subject Author Publisher Call No
A New Theory of Social Evolution social science Kenneth E. Boulding 1978 303.4
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A New Paradigm of The African State political science Mueni Wa Muiu 2009 320.96
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A mid-summer nights dream Literatures Shakespeare, William London, Longman group Ltd., 1992 822.33
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A manual for writers of term papers, theses and dissertaions Literatures Turabian, Kate, L. Chicago and London, Yheuhiversity of chicago, 1973 808.02
A manual for writers of term papers, theses and dissertaions Literatures Turabian, Kate, L. Chicago and London, Yheuhiversity of chicago, 1973 808.02
A Lunacharsky History and Geography Yermakov, Antoli Vasilevich Moscow, Novosti Press 1975 923.247
A Long Way to Peace & Justice The Ethio - Eritrean Conflict As Reported by The world Media History & Geography 963.5
A lifie for Afric, the story of Bram Fischer Literature Mitchison, Naomi London, Merlin Press, 1973 813.68
A life devoted to struggle History and Geography Kunetskaya, Lyudmila Moscow, Novosti Press 923.2
A Lesser Life The Myth of Women's Liberation psychology Sylvia Ann Hewlett 1986 305.420954
A legasy of liberation history & geography Mark Gevisser Palgrave macmillan/2009 968.06609
A Legacy of Knowledge Sociological Contributions of T Lynn Smith economic 1980 304.6
A Labour of Love Women,Work and Caring economic 1983 305.4
A Home Divided Women and Incomie in The Third World psychology 1988 305.430917
A History of The Tribune Information Prakash Ananda 1986 o70.172
A History of The Liberal Party Political science David Dutton 2004 324.241061
A History of the Abyssinian expedition History & Geography Markam, Clements, R London, Macmillan/1970 1 963.01
A History of Political Theory Political science George H.Sabine 1973 320.01
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A history of cuba and its relations with the United States history & geography Foner, philip Sheldon New York, International publishers /1962 972.91
A History of Classical Sociology sociology 1979 301.09
A History of American art Arts & recreation Mendelowitz, Daniel New York, Holt, Rinehart and winston, 1970 709.173
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A history of Africa South of sahara: history & geography Wiedner, Donald L. New York, McFadden books/1962 967
A hand book of public administration history and geography Department of economics and social affairs United nation newyork 350
A Half Step Behind: Japanese Women phycologists Jane Condon 1985 305.4852
A guide to the human rights act 1998 LAW Parosha Chandran butterworths/1999 341
A guide to European union commercial practice history and geography Patrick R.Hugg Oceana publications 346.94037
A Grammar of Politics Political science Harold J. Laski 1925 320.01
A glimpse on Ethiopia History & Geography Amsalu Aklilu 963
A geography of mankind History and Geography Broek, Jan, O London, McGraw-Hill International book company, 1978 910.7
a Gainst Empire phychology Zillah Eisenstein 2004 305.42
A foxy tale history and geography Michael daniel 1998 398.245
A field guide to Ethiopian minerals, Rocks and tossild Technology Morton, Bill Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa University press/1978 622
A few nights and days History & Geography Dipoko, Mebella, Sonne London, Heinemann, 1966 896.363
A Diplomatic History of the American People Political science Thomas A.Bailey 1980 327.73
A Derry Family at War phychology Nell McCafferty 1988 305.42
A Derry Family at War psychology Nell McCafferty 1988 305.42
A dancer of fortune History & geography Munonye, John London, Heinemann, 1974 896.33
A critique of economic theory Economics Penqwin books ltd/1972 330.1
A critique of economic theory economics Penqwin books ltd /1972 330.1
A critique of economic theory Economics e.k hunt Penqwin books ltd \1972 330.1
A contribution to the physiography of northern Ethiopia History & Geography Abul-Haggag, Y 916.35
A Contest for Supremacy Political science Aaron L.Friedberg 2012 327.5105
A contemporary world history 1917-1945 History and Geography Alexandrov, V. Moscow, Progress publishers, 1986 909.82
a concise introduction to logic psychology Hurey Patrick 1994 160
A concise history of the Balkan wars history & geograhpy An army history directorate publication /1998 949.6
A cluster of rejections history and geography Michael Daniel Ambatchew Master printing press 1999 398.2
A cluster of Rejection social science Michael Daniel Ambatchew 398.2
A choice of flowers=chaguo la maua, an anthology of swahili love poetry History and Geography Ed: Knappert, Jan London, Heinemann, 1972 896.3921
A Chinese view of China History & Geograhpy Gittings, John New York, Pantheon books,/1973 951.05
A Checklist of The Birds of Ethiopia Natural Science Emil K. Urban 598.2963
A caravan Journau through Abyssinia History & Geography Harlan, Harry, V. 916.3
A brief history of Hungary History and geography Szekely, Andras Budapest, Corvina press, 1973 943.905
A book about artists History and Geography Paustovsky, Konstantin Moscow, Progress publishers, 1987 927
A Blueprint For Development social science John Summerskill 370.3
A a Parliament of Minds Philosophy for a New Millennium Philosophy 2000 100
a aa 1 111
90thAnnual Meeting of The American Political Science Associa political science 1994 320.973
800,000,000 the real chiana History & Geograhpy Terrill, Ross England, Penguin books ltd.,/1975 951
5ቱን የመከራ አመትና ፍጻሜውን አጭር ማስታወሻ ታሪክ ooo713 5ቱን የመከራ አመትና ፍጻሜውን አጭር ማስታወሻ ፈለቀ ዳኘ ታሪክ 963.057 1944 2 62 963.057
5ቱ ጽዋትወ ዜማዎች ሀይማኖት ooo53 5ቱ ጽዋትወ ዜማዎች "የመንበረ ፀባዖት ቅድስት ሰላሴ ካቴደራል የተሰጠ" ሀይማኖት 223 "በብርሃንና ሰላም በቀዳማዊ ኃ/ሥላሴ ማተሚያ ቤት" 1962 1 604 223
3ኛው የ5 አመት የልማት ፕላን ሕብረተሰብ ሳይንስ የኢትዮጵያ ንግሰ ነገስት መንግስት ንግድ ማተሚያ ቤት/1961 330.124
3Income tax law analysis and comment Economics Harris forbes/1919 336.24
35th anniversary of the league of the arab states LAW 341
3558 The middle East in the New world order History& Geography London, Macmillan,/1997 956
2ኛው የ5 አመት የልማት ፕላን ሕብረተሰብ ሳይንስ የኢትዮጵያ ንግሰ ነገስት መንግስት ብርሃንና ሰላም በቀዳማዊ ኃ/ሥላሴ ማተሚያ ቤት/1955 330.124
2226 Adult education for social change, a study of the national adult education programme in rajasthan history and geography Rao, T, V New Delhi, Manohar, 1980 374.9544
21 years of African development Economics Economic commission for africa United nations 330.96
20th century womens poetry Literature Ed;fleur Adcock Faber and faber 1987 821
20 letters to a friend History and Geography Alliluyeva, Svetlana London, Penguin 1967 920.72
1ኛ፡ ከንቱ ጩኸት ሰርቶ ማፍረስ 2ኛ፡ የባሕረም ሁለት ገፅታ 3ኛ፡ ረደኢ ንጉሥ አክሱም ስነ-ጽሑፍ ሀብተማሪያም አሰፋ ሀብተማሪያም አሰፋ/1987 892.83
1ኛ አመት ነጋሪት ጋዜጣ ሕብረተሰብ ሳይንስ 342.00963
1ኛ ባህልና ስልጣኔ ሕብረተሰብ ሳይንስ ዓምደ ጽዮን ተሰማ ትንሳዔ ዘጉባዔ ማተሚያ ቤት/1908 306
1995 guide to income tax Economics David B.Genders Harpercollins publisher/1995 336.24
14 Africans vs. one American Literature Fox, Frederic New York, Macmillan, 1969 814
12 great classics of science fiction Literatures Ed: Cnklin, Groff Greenwich Conn, Faweett publications 1963 813.30876
104 Conference De l'Union Interparlementaire Political science 2000 328.36
101 poems by 101 women Literatures Ed; Germaine Greer Faber and faber limited 2001 808.81
1001 letters for all occasions Literature Arya, Ratna, C. New Delhi, Erta publication 808.86
100 questions 100 answers History and Geography GDR Panorama ddr 1978 914.3104
10 days to more confident public speaking Literatures Lenny Laskowski Philip life group inc 2001 808.51
0556 ስነ-ጽሑፍ ሜክሎስ ኒዠሌ 892.83
0408 ስነ-ጽሑፍ ተሻገር ውቤ ተሻገር ውቤ/1958 892.81
'Mau mau' dtainee: the account by a kenya African of his experiences in detention camps 1953-1960 History and Geography Kariuki, Josiah Mwangi Nairobi, Oxford University press 1975 923.26762
"የ666 ምስጢረ ፍች ለአለም የተሰጠ የመጨረሻ ማስጠንቀቂያ" ጠቅላላ እውቀት ቴዎድሮሰ አበበ 001
"እንቁላል በውሃ ውስጥ ማንጠልጠል እና ሌሎች ሙከራዎች" ጠቅላላ እውቀት ሰለሞን ኃ/ማሪያም ኩራዝ አሳታሚ ድርጅት/1983 oo1.344
"Mau Mau" General History and Geography Itote, Waruhiu Nairobi, East African pbulishing house 1967 923.56762