Title Subject Author Publisher Call No
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Women and Government New Ways to Political Power political science 1997 320.082
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woman oppretion today economic Barrett Mlchele 1980 305.3
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Windows NT Server 4 information Jason Garms 1996 oo1.642
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William morris History and Geography E.P.Thompson Merlin press 1977 923.242
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WICHALE XVII The Attempt to Establish a Protectorate Over Ethiopia History & Geography Sven Rubenson 963.04
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Why south Africa will survive history & geography L.H.Gann Croom helm/1981 968
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Who's Afraid of Feminism? Seeing Through The Backash phychology 1997 305.42
Who's Afraid of Feminism? Seeing Through The Backash psychology 1997 305.42
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White Womens Christ and Black Womens Juses psychology Jacquelyn Grant 1989 232.088042
Where There No Doctor Technology David Werner 610
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Whence the threat to peace Whence the threat to peace LAW Mosko military publishing house/1984 341
When Sorry Is't Enough: The Controversy Over Apologies and Reparations For Human Injustice social science 1999 303.3
When miss emmie was in russia History and Geography Harvey Pitcher Century publishing 1977 923.02409
What's Really Going On Here? Making sense of Our Emotional Lives psychology Susie Orbach 1994 152.4
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What Is The Internets information oo4.6
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Western Europe Today: Economics,Politics, the Class Struggle, Iternational Relations Political science 1980 327
Western Europe Today: Economics,Politics, the Class Struggle, Iternational Relations Political science 1980 327
Western Europe Today: Economics,Politics, the Class Struggle, Iternational Relations Political science 1980 327
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Welfare econumics economic Robin W. Boad way Basil black well/1984 330.155
Welfare econumics Economics Robin W. Boad way Basil black well\1984 330.155
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Web Design Virtual Classroom information Laurie Ann Ulrich 2001 oo5
web design Computer science Ulrich Laurie Ann 2001 099
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We mean Business Literatures Norman, Susan London, Longman group Ltd., 1993 808.042
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We can dream alone Literature Ed; Ranjini Rebera WCC publication 1990 822.3
Ways And Principles of Developing New Words & Technical Vocabulary: The case of Amharic Takkele Taddese Language 421.328 1 Language oo250 Ways And Principles of Developing New Words & Technical Vocabulary: The case of Amharic 421.328
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War And Famine social science 363.863
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War and Change in World Politics political science Robert Gilpin 1981 327.072
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W.E.B. Dubois History and Geography Ed:Tuttle, Wilian M Englewook Cliffs, Prentice-Hall,1973 923.273
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Voice from the Japanese Women's Movement psychology 1995 305.420952
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Visual Basic 6.0 Vol-1,2,3,4 information oo5.362
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Virgin soil upturned, a novel History & Geography Sholokhov, Mikhail Moscow, Progress publishers 1979 891.7344
Violence and Responsibility economic John Harris 1980 303.62
Violence and Responsibility economic John Harris 1980 303.62
Vietnamese communism in comparative perspective Economics Westview press/1980 335.43096
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Using Guide Microsoft Access information 1992 oo5.74
Using Conflict Theory economic Otomar J.Bartos 2002 303.6
Using communication technology creating knowledge organazation Technologies Bettina s. t. buchel Palgrave/2001 658.4038
US Hegemony and The Project of Universal Human Rights political science Tony Evans 1996 323.4
Urology and medicine history and geography Je Newsam Longman group 1975 616.6
Urban unemployment Economics Paul Bairoch International labor office/1973 331.137
Urban Sociology, Capitalism and Modernity Social sciences Mike Savage 2003 307.76
Urban Sociology, Capitalism and Modernity Social sciences Mike Savage 1993 307.76
Urban land economics and public policy Economics Paul N. Balchin Palgrave Macmillan/1995 333.77
Urban land economics Economics Jack Harvey Palgrave Macmillan/2004 333.77
Urban land economics Economics Paul N. Balchin Palgrave Macmillan/2000 333.77
Urban Food Insecurity And Coping Mechanisms Technology Yared, Amare 643.16
Urban economics Economics Paul N. Balchin Palgrave Macmillan/2000 330.917
Urban economics economic Paul N. Balchin Palgrave Macmillan 2000 330.917
Urban economics Economics Paul N. Balchin Palgrave Macmillan \2000 330.917
Up from slavery: an autobiography History and Geography Washington, Booker T. New york, Bantam Books, 1967 923.773
Unsolved Mysteries information Abhay Kumar Dubey 1996 oo1.94
United States Foreign Policy Towards Africa Incrementalism, Crisis and Cbange Political science Peter J.Schraeder 1994 327.7306
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United nations law making LAW Edward McWhinney Holmes and meier publishers /1984 341
Union sisters Economics Women’s educational press/1983 331.88097
Uni-World Government for Our Future World of Peace Political science 1985 327.101
UNHEARD VOICES: Drought Famine and God In Ethiopia Oral Poetry Lirerature Fekade Azeze 892.81
Unglazed and glazed ceramic tiles, a survey of selected suppliers and major markets Technologies International trade centre Geneva, UNCTAD/GATT, 1982 658.835
Unequal exchange Economics Arghiri Emmanuel Monthly review press/1972 332.45
Understnanding consumption Economics Angus Deaton Oxford university press/1992 339.47
Understanding travel behavior Economics P.M.Jones Gower publishing campany/1983 338.40184
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Understanding poverty Economics Pete Alcock Palgrave Macmillan/2006 330.9
Understanding poverty economic Pete Alcock Palgrave Macmillan /2006 330.9
Understanding Poverty psychology Pete Alcock 1993 300.09
Understanding poverty Economics Pete Alcock Palgrave Macmillan \2006 330.9
Understanding intergovernmental relations history and geography Wright, Deils California, Cole publishing company, 1988 350.7251
understanding Information Policy inormation 1997 o20
Understanding Human Development political science Stephanie Thornton 2008 323
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Understanding Global Environmental Politics Domination,Accumulation Resistance history and geography Matthew,Robert palgrave macmillan 2001 368.7
Understanding Ethnic Violence phycologists Roger D.Petersen 2002 305.800947
Understanding Ethiopia History & Geography Gartler, Marion New Jersey, Laid law Brathers/1962 916.3
Understanding Crime Prevention : Social control, risk and late modernity history and geography Hughes,Gordon Open University Press 2003 364.4
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Understanding Biology history and geography Raven, Peter, H St. Louis, college publishing, 1988 574
Understanding Behavior Psychology Baron Byrne Kantoeitz 1977 150
Underdevelopment Ethiopia social science Eshetu Chole 338.963
Under water engineering surveys history and geography Milae, P.H. New Delhi, Oxford and IBH publishing co., 1980 627.7
Under the feet of jesus Literature Helena Maria Viramontes Penguin books 1995 813.54
Under Ethiopian Skies History & Geography Graham Hancock 963
Uncloaking the CIA Politica science 1978 327.120607
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Tsemako Women's Role and Status in Agro- pastoral Production social science MELESE GETU 305.4
Truth, Politics, and Universal Human Rights psychology Janet Holl 2007 172
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Trenada: History, rvolution US intervention history & geography Moscow, USSR Academy of Sciences /1984 972.9845
Treaty interpretation the constitution and the rule of law Law John Norton Moore Oceana publicaton/2001 340.11
Treaties in force 1889-1971, draft list of treaties and other international agreements of Ethiopia social science Millette, Annemarie, Jacomy Addis Ababa, Haile sellassie I university/1972 341.026463