Council of the Transitional Government of Ethiopia( from 1991-1994)

Following the down fall of the Dergue regime by the EPRDF armed and political struggle, the Council of the Transitional Government of Ethiopia was formed as an outcome of Peace and Democratic Transition Conference of Ethiopia, held in Addis Ababa from July 1-5, 1991. The conference approved a Charter by which the Council was directed.

It was various political forces: political parties, movements and armed forces established the House of Representatives of the Transitional Government. In accordance with the Charter, the Council had 26 members, of which three were women.

The Council served for 4 years and its main duty was to lay a foundation for the establishment of democratic government. Accordingly, it had approved the FDRE constitution on December 9, 1994 and then handed over its power to the newly elected government, on August 21, 1995.