Parliament of the FDRE (From 1995---)

According to the   FDRE constitution article 53, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has two Federal Houses:  The House of Peoples’ Representatives and House of the Federation. Accordingly, these Houses have been established since August 1995. The House of Peoples’ Representatives is the highest authority of the federal government. Members of the House of peoples’ Representatives shall be elected from candidates in each electoral district by a plurality of the votes cast by the people for a term of five years on the basis of universal suffrage and by direct, free and fair election held by secret ballot.

Members of the House, on the basis of population and special representation of minority Nationalities and Peoples, shall not exceed 550; of these, minority Nationalities and Peoples shall have at least 20 seats. According to the provision in the   article 50(3) of the constitution, the House of Peoples’ Representatives is responsible to the people.