The Dergue National Shengo ( the Assembly) (Military Regime , from 1974- 1991)

The Dergue means a committee; whose members were Marxist army officers came from   various military units, ranking below a Major. When the Dergue, assumed state power in November 12, 1974, it declared itself a Provisional Military Government and ruled the country for 13 years without constitution.

To transform its military rule to civil administration, the Dergue, had organized workers party of Ethiopia (WPE)   and proclaimed the PDRE constitution on 12th Sep. 1987.

The Dergue adopted its constitution in line with Marxist-Leninist ideology orientation.  The National Assembly proclaimed the establishment of the PDRE on Sep. 12, 1987 by proclamation No.2/1987. The Shengo had a five year term and assembled once in a year. The Council of Government would sort out issues to be decided by the National Shengo every year. The National Assembly (Shengo) was formed by representatives elected from 835 constituents to serve for term a five years.

According to the provision of the PDRE constitution, the Shengo conducted its sitting once a year and a permanent body (council of government) performed the duty of the Assembly when it is not in a session. The Assembly of the Dergue was a unicameral legislature oriented to socialist principle, based on one party system.